Tracy Young :: The (M)DNA of "Genesis"

by JC Alvarez
Sunday Dec 16, 2012

It’s been another landmark year for superstar DJ Tracy Young. Depending on how you look at it, her annual, extra special New Year’s Day party "Genesis" - still one of the hottest tickets of the season, could signal the close, or the incredible start for the music industry’s top female DJ/remix producer. "I’m looking forward to 2013," she says. "I have a lot going on next year." Not that she has been sitting on her laurels during 2012 since Madonna has been keeping her aerobically charged...literally!

But more on Tracy and Madonna later. Right now Young has "Genesis" on her mind and is preparing to take her audience on yet another musical journey at South Beach’s landmark destination Mansion.

This year is extra special, as it marks the 10th anniversary of the party’s conception - marking the celebration as both thrilling and bittersweet. Young conceived of the New Year’s spectacular 10 years ago with her friend and club promoter Vito Abate. His untimely passing almost convinced Young to discontinue "Genesis" altogether, but the thought of disappointing the legendary club promoter, reignited her. She found a new inspiration to keep the annual event on the calendar. "I could hear Vito telling me from heaven," she says, he said: "If you stop this party...I’ll break your knee caps!" So "Genesis" must go on!

10 Year Re-"Genesis"!

For many on the club-party circuit "Genesis" has become a "must have" ticket. Over the years Young has mixed things up just to keep her guests and international followers on their toes. One New Year’s Day "Genesis" hit multiple time zones when Tracy wrapped her set in Miami then hopped on a jet to Vegas, to launch into a new venue alongside pop-goddess Kelly Rowland. "That took a lot out of me," she jovially reminded herself. "I couldn’t believe that at the end of that set I’d been up for more than 14 hours straight!"

She’s since learned her lesson, but not necessarily slowed her pace. "My idea [this year] is to bring it back to basics - keep it simple." Young has also taken into account what her fans look for as the circuit party dynamic changes with each generation of nightcrawlers taking over the scene. "I like keeping it interesting," she says having adding live performances or special guest appearances in the past, "but sometimes all the crowd wants is to hear me spin. They just want the music - it’s enough for them."

Tracy has always championed the ladies of the dance anthems and last year treated her audience to premiere hits with performances from Deborah Cox. "We’d worked on Deborah’s new single and wanted a really great way to introduce it." Young’s version of Cox’s "If It Wasn’t For Love" was a favorite on the club circuit, though perhaps it was overshadowed by her phenomenal turn on Britney Spears’ 2011 hit single "Hold It Against Me." Nicki Minaj had actually closed the New Year at Mansion, just as Tracy took to the turntables, for an incredible double-billing that elated the South Beach’s crowd.

"I don’t know if we’ll have a live performer this year at ’Genesis’," she cryptically admitted, "but you never know." She is promising to deliver yet another spectacle. "I’d like to keep it music-focused," she says. "I’ve had amazing light shows, great performers, (dancers hanging in the air) but ’Genesis’ is about the crowd. They feed me and I give it right back."

So this year’s "Genesis" will be not only appropriately celebrate the life and love of a great friend - "’Genesis’ meant as much to Vito as it did to me." - it will begin the next 10 years of Young’s club dominance.


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