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Scientists Claim They Found 'Gay' Gene Changes to Predict Sexuality

Oct 9
Researchers from the David Geffen School of Medicine of the University of California, Los Angeles, said they can determine someone's sexuality by looking at specific changes in genes.

Dissolving Stent for Heart Arteries Passes First Large Test

SCIENCE | By Marilynn Marchione | Oct 13
A new type of heart stent that works like dissolving stitches, slowly going away after it has done its job, passed its first major test in a large study, doctors said Monday.

Gene Editing: Research Spurs Debate Over Promise vs. Ethics

SCIENCE | By Lauren Neergaard | Oct 12
It may sound sci-fi, but research into genome editing is booming. So is a debate about its boundaries, what's safe and what's ethical to try in the quest to fight disease.

High-tech Firm's Plans to Make Drones in NY Spark Questions

PERSONAL TECH | By Frank Eltman | Oct 12
A plan to manufacture solar-powered drones at a suburban New York site that once made fighter jets for the U.S. military is sparking questions about whether the aircraft will be used to beam Internet service.

Scientists: Major Coral Bleaching Crisis Spreads Worldwide

SCIENCE | By Seth Borenstein | Oct 12
Triggered by global warming and the El Nino, record hot ocean water is causing fragile coral to go white and often die, threatening picturesque reefs that are hotspots of marine life, experts say.

Greek Town Glimpses Mass Transit Future: Driverless Buses

PERSONAL TECH | By Derek Gatopoulos | Oct 11
There'll be no arguing with the driver on this bus: The rides are free and there's no driver anyway.