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Pines Party :: July 25, 2015

By Gustavo Monroy | Jul 28
Pines Party, the all-night fund raising party on the beach in Fire Island Pines, had never seen so many friends of Dorothy!! The Emerald City theme inspired everything from tin men to gay tornados and everything in between. DJ Pagano spun the tunes

Tropical Heat Key West

PARTIES | By Mike Halterman | Aug 2
Tropical Heat is one of the sexiest events on the Key West gay social calendar, and any gay man who lives in Florida should experience it at least once.

Get 'Wet' on July 31 for National Orgasm Day

SEX | By Winnie McCroy | Jul 31
Today is National Orgasm Day, and the folks at Wet are happy to share their tips for celebrating the big "O." Licensed psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini shares her ideas on how to make your love life and orgasms better.

The Provincetown Theater Debuts 'Broadway Concert Series'

The Provincetown Theater and producer Rich Aronstein debut the first "Broadway Concert Series" which started in July and continues through August with three more cabaret-style concerts featuring well-known Broadway and TV performers.

Amanda Lepore Releases "I...Amanda Lepore: Make Over Sessions"

MUSIC | By EDGE | Jul 30
The world's mega-famous transsexual returns to the dance floor with "I...Amanda Lepore: Make Over Sessions," her long-awaited double-disc album of remixes and re-edits of classics from her acclaimed debut.

Melt :: July 25, 2015

One of the biggest weekends of the year deserves a great kick-off party; Melt was that and way more! Peter Napoli knows a thing or two about making a crowd of hot, sweaty, hunky guys dance non-stop...this time literally under the sun!


  1. Boatslip Resort

  2. The Crown & Anchor

  3. Aqua Bar

  4. Art House

  5. Atlantic House

  6. Atlantic House (The A-House)

  7. Black & White Bar, The (located in WayDowntown)

  8. Blue Bar @ Patio

  9. Club Purgatory

  10. Club Purgatory @ The Gifford House Inn

  11. Girl Power

  12. Gives Great Hedda

  13. Governor Bradford

  14. The Grotta Bar at Local 186

  15. The Little Bar

  16. The Macho Bar

  17. Mixers Cocktails (at Bayside Betsy's)

  18. The Monkey Bar

  19. Monkey Bar

  20. Paramount Nightclub

  21. Paramount Nightclub @ The Crown & Anchor

  22. Piano Bar @ Central House

  23. PiedBar

  24. Porchside Lounge

  25. Porchside Lounge @ The Gifford House

  26. Sage Lounge

  27. Shipwreck Lounge

  28. The Vault

  29. Vault, The

  30. Vixen Nightclub

  31. Wave Video Bar