Controversial Casting of 'JC Superstar's' Mary Magdaline Upsets Some

ENTERTAINMENT | By Michael Cox | Apr 28
When it was first produced, "Jesus Christ Superstar" was condemned by Christians and Jews alike and was actually banned in some countries. Now Fiddlehead Theatre Company's controversial casting of Mary Magdalene as a man is upsetting a whole new sector.

What They Said: Supreme Court Quotes on Gay Marriage

NEWS | Apr 28
Excerpts from arguments before the Supreme Court on Tuesday about whether states must allow same-sex couples to marry and whether states must recognize gay marriages performed in other states.

What They Said: The Supreme Court Quotes on Gay Marriage

NEWS | Apr 28
Excerpts from arguments before the Supreme Court on Tuesday about whether states must allow same-sex couples to marry and whether states must recognize gay marriages performed in other states:

SKYY Vodka Raises a 'Toast To Marriage' Equality

NEWS | By EDGE | Apr 28
SKYY® Vodka, the California-born brand known for innovation, is renewing its support of its Toast To Marriage campaign in partnership with Freedom to Marry.

'Star Trek' Actress Alice Eve Deletes Controversial Jenner Post

NEWS | By Jason St. Amand | Apr 28
Alice Eve, who played Carol Marcus in "Star Trek Into Darkness," is making headlines Tuesday after deleting an Instagram post about Bruce Jenner's transition.

'Mad Men' Actor Announces His Next Role - Marriage

Actor Kit Williamson, who has played the role of Ed Gifford on AMC's "Mad Men" for two seasons, is sad to close the "Mad Men" chapter in his life but is looking ahead to a future that includes marriage to fiancé John Halbach.

2015 Tony Award Nominations Announced

NEWS | By EDGE | Apr 28
The 2015 Tony Award nominations were announced this morning at the historic Diamond Horseshoe nightclub below Times Square. Nominations were announced by Mary Louise Parker and Bruce Willis.

Lifetime Planning Behind-the-Scenes 'Full House' TV Film

Lifetime says it's joining in the 'Full House' revival with a behind-the-scenes movie of the long-running family sitcom.

B'Way Baby Sutton Foster's 'Younger' Targeted by One Million Moms

NEWS | By EDGE | Apr 28
Coincidentally coinciding with the announcement this morning of nominees for the 69th Tony Awards, the harpies at One Million Moms have announced that they are targeting TV Land's new series "Younger" which stars two-time Tony Award-winner Sutton Foster.

Festival-Like Atmosphere Outside Supreme Court

NEWS | Apr 28
Advocates of same-sex marriage filled the sidewalks outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday, waving rainbow-colored flags and taking selfies. Opponents were fewer in number, but louder and with towering signs quoting the Bible.

Iowa Students Ask for Non-Discrimination Policy Review

NEWS | Apr 28
Students at a West Des Moines high school have presented a petition to the school board to extend its nondiscrimination policy to those who rent the school district's facilities.

ISIS Militants Pose as Gay to Entrap, Execute Gay Men

NEWS | By Jason St. Amand | Apr 28
In order to expose gay men in Syria, militant members of the Islamic State, or ISIS, are going undercover and pose as gay men to entrap and then execute real gay men.

Jamaica Woman Brings Attention to Rapes Targeting Lesbians

NEWS | Apr 28
When Angeline Jackson and a friend were ambushed at gunpoint and sexually assaulted on a wooded trail outside the Jamaican capital, police initially seemed less concerned about the attack than the fact she is a lesbian.

John Cameron Mitchell to Receive Special Tony Award

The Tony Awards® Administration Committee has announced that John Cameron Mitchell will receive the 2015 Special Tony Award.

Jayne Meadows, Actress and TV Personality, Dies at 95

NEWS | Apr 28
Jayne Meadows, the Emmy-nominated actress and TV personality who often teamed with her husband, Steve Allen, has died. She was 95.

Supreme Court Hears Historic Same-Sex Marriage Arguments

NEWS | Apr 28
Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is asking skeptical questions as the court hears arguments over the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry.


Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Mommy

MOVIES | By Kevin Taft | Apr 28
"Mommy" - Canadian wunderkind Xavier Dolan's fifth film - is quite literally, his masterpiece.


Chipotle Says "G-M-Over It"

CORPORATE | By Candice Choi | Apr 28
Chipotle says it has completed phasing out genetically modified ingredients from its food, making it the first national fast-food chain to do so.


Science Behind Nepal Earthquake and Avalanches

SCIENCE | Apr 28
The death toll in the Nepal earthquake has reached 3,800, and it is still rising. Science contributor and City College of New York physics professor Michio Kaku joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the impact of the deadly earthquake and avalanche.


Dodging the Dollar Drag: Currency-Hedged Funds are Booming

SAVING | By Stan Choe | Apr 27
Spanish stocks have climbed 10.9 percent in euros. But for someone counting in U.S. dollars, each of those euros is worth less than at the start of the year. A growing number of funds have been trying to blunt this effect.


New Trax is an Affordable SUV

Budget-conscious buyers don't have to settle for a used sport utility vehicle or a small sedan any more. A nimble, five-seat SUV - the 2015 Chevrolet Trax - is a new, commendable alternative, with a low starting retail price of $20,995.


CDC Comments On Recent Outbreak of HIV and HCV in Indiana

HEALTH | By EDGE | Apr 24
The CDC shares their recommendations for health departments and healthcare providers following the outbreak of HIV and HCV among injection drug users in Indiana.


Tasteless Tourists Take Selfish Selfies in Nepal

Apr 28
Social media is a chronicle of life, and sometimes death. So it should be no surprise that a site of great human and cultural loss in Nepal's devastating earthquake is now barraged with the clicking of smartphones.


White Party Tea Dance :: April 26, 2015

PARTIES | Apr 28
The fun continued in Palm Springs as Alex Newell, who is best known for his role on "Glee" as a transgender student performer, entertained the crowd at the White Party Tea Dance.