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The Fabulous Beekman Boys :: Gay Green Acres?

by Jim Halterman
Wednesday Jun 23, 2010

A country farm is not the first place you’d expect to find a gay couple, but Josh Kilmer-Purcell and his partner of 10 years Brent Ridge may be starting a new trend (or reviving the concept of Green Acres) by saying good-bye to the crazy city life and settling down in the country. In truth, Ridge, a physician who once worked for Martha Stewart Omnimedia, maintains the Beekman farm in Sharon Springs, New York 24/7 while Kilmer-Purcell still divides his time between his regular job in the city (among other things, he is a regular contributor to OUT magazine) and weekends on the farm. While most gay-centric programming is found on Logo or Here, Planet Green doesn’t treat The Fabulous Beekman Boys as a gay show but simply a docu-series that naturally (and without judgment) follows not only their adventures on the farm but their relationship ups and downs.

EDGE’s Jim Halterman recently talked to the guys about this new endeavor, whether Martha Stewart or pigs are easier to wrangle and the duo also offered up sound advice for others that want to give up Park Avenue and head to the country.

Breaking new ground

EDGE: You guys are breaking new ground so why not have cameras follow you, right? Tell me how the show first came about?

Josh: The show came about when we first bought the farm and we started blogging about it and we started our business (both can be found @ beekman1802.com). We were sending out email newsletters and the General Manager and President of Planet Green signed up for the newsletter. She called us to see if we wanted to meet and she saw a show here.

EDGE: The show really spends equal time focusing on your relationship and how the farm impacts it. Can you talk about that being a part of the show?

Josh: I don’t know that the show impacted our relationship but like any relationship we’re going through job changes and transitions, career transitions, double mortgages, starting a business and having a television show so all these things put stresses on a relationship.

Brent: I would say that what the show made us realize is when you’ve been in a relationship for ten years you take each other for granted and maybe you’re a little bit casual about your arguments and sit-downs. When you see yourself on camera on how you act and treat one another it’s kind of like therapy. A lot of people would be surprised if they saw a playback of their days with all the unsavory behavior that they exhibited.

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