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'High Style' is Here

Mar 29
The arrival at the Legion of Honor of the latest extravaganza, tastefully titled "High Style: The Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection," is a much-anticipated event.

Graffiti Boom Born in Tragedy Brightens Up Colombia Capital

By Jacobo Garcia | Mar 27
Bogota's proliferation of murals grew in part out of tragedy, when police shot and killed graffiti artist Diego Felipe Becerra in 2011 as he painted his trademark Felix the Cat. Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro responded by decriminalizing graffiti painting.

The Art of Ice Carving

Mar 24
Massive blocks of ice, known as Arctic Diamonds, are so clear you can read a newspaper through them. Every year artists use chisels and chainsaws to turn them into jewels. Lee Cowan reports from the 2015 World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Botticelli is Just the Beginning

Mar 22
Scotland, the country that gave us tartans, bagpipes, and James McAvoy, has another side: A high-culture heritage that's on bonny display in "Botticelli to Braque: Masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland."

Sexy Superheroes :: Presenting Some Favorite Erotic Artists

Mar 21
Putting pen to paper has seldom meant such elegance -- or such hotness! Here are a few artists with an eye for beauty and a gift for rendering it in ink.

Yard Sale Painting May Sell at Auction for $25K

By Tom Coyne | Mar 16
Jesse Ronnebaum isn't sure what moved him to buy a worn painting of seven men playing pool from a yard sale for fifty cents. Now it's going to auction and may bring in $25,000.

Art in Southern California Takes a Walk

By Joel Martens | Mar 14
Feeling a need for some art? Or how about a stroll? Now you can do both, all over Southern California!

'Seduction: Japan's Floating World' Opens at the Asian Art Museum

By Sura Wood | Mar 1
The Asian Art Museum is offering up an enticement with "Seduction: Japan's Floating World," an enthralling new show that casts a spell and captures the aura of a place and time.

Hiding Under the Uniform: Photos Show Dichotomy in Veterans

Feb 26
For anyone curious about the lives of veterans once they return home, the Veteran Vision Project photo collection is a revelation. Devin Mitchell has asked dozens of veterans to tell stories about themselves while posing in front of a mirror.

Nazi-Looted Art

Feb 20
A Swiss museum that accepted the bequest of a massive trove of long-hidden art from the late German collector Cornelius Gurlitt says efforts to research the works and process restitution cases are being delayed by a dispute over Gurlitt's will.

1 thru 10 of 458 Stories