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There was a time, less than 20 years ago, when dance/club music was nowhere on the radio; never mind recognized at the Grammy Awards. Today, though, the format has its own category with those awards as remixed dance singles are integral to a pop song’s success.

This change in the pop music dynamic can be attributed to the re-emergence of the DJ/Remixer/Producer - a music industry title popular during disco’s heyday, but one that went underground after the collapse of that popular music form. One of today’s leading remix artists is Grammy-nominated music producer Dave Audé.

Since 1997, Audé has produced 89 Billboard Dance/Club Chart #1 chart-toppers, his latest being Ciara’s "Body Talk" dance remix which hit #1 on the chart July 27, 2013. With an average of nine number ones over the past three years, it is anticipated by the summer of 2014 Audé will have hit the top spot on Billboard’s Dance/Club Chart 100 times. The key to Audé’s success is that his remixes (described as strong lyrical vocal set to an infectious dance beat) fit the shorter radio format, something unheard of in the past.


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