County Endures After Hubbub Over God's Mercy, Gay Marriage

NEWS | Oct 7
When commissioners in a Tennessee county scrapped an agenda that included a resolution asking for God's mercy despite ongoing gay marriages, they also effectively canceled their meeting, but officials have a workaround for that.

Clinton Says Jail Was 'Right Thing' for Kentucky Clerk

NEWS | By Catherine Lucey | Oct 7
Hillary Rodham Clinton says that jail was the "right thing" for a Kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Boehner Booked to Visit Jimmy Fallon

NEWS | Oct 7
Outgoing House Speaker John Boehner is joining the parade of politicians to visit late-night TV.

Chelsea Manning Renews Demand in Court for Hairstyle Change

NEWS | Oct 7
Imprisoned national security leaker Chelsea Manning is renewing her demand in federal court to wear a feminine hairstyle.

New Study: Gay, Bi Men at Greater Risk of Skin Cancer Due to Tanning Bed Usage

NEWS | Oct 7
A new study suggests gay and bisexual men are up to six times more likely to get skin cancer than heterosexual men because of their increased use of tanning beds.

HIV Treatment Market Will Grow to $15.3B By 2023

NEWS | By EDGE | Oct 7
The value of the HIV treatment market will increase marginally from just over $14 billion in 2013 to approach $15.3 billion by 2023, says research and consulting firm GlobalData.

London Film Festival Puts Focus on Women, Onscreen and Off

ENTERTAINMENT | By Jill Lawless | Oct 7
The London Film Festival opens Wednesday with "Suffragette," the story of British women who fought for the right to vote - a milestone on a journey to equality that many believe is still unfinished.

Rosie O'Donnell's Daughter Says She Was Kicked Out of Home

NEWS | Oct 7
Rosie O'Donnell's daughter gave a lengthy interview with the Daily Mail this week, saying that she did not runaway from home in August but was actually kicked out by the former talk show host.

Brat Allegedly Thrown Out of UConn After Mac and Cheese Tantrum

NEWS | Oct 7
The school can't comment, but Twitter will always tell.

Southern California Woman Alleges Excessive Police Force

NEWS | By Elliot Spagat | Oct 7
A Southern California woman is suing the city of Carlsbad, alleging that police in the San Diego suburb unjustly beat her after she was pulled over for a seat-belt violation.


Model Sues Bill Cosby Over Alleged 2008 Sexual Assault

By Anthony McCartney | Oct 7
A model who has accused Bill Cosby of drugging her at the Playboy Mansion in 2008 sued the comedian on Tuesday for sexual assault.


VW CEO: Recall of Cars Hit by Scandal to Begin in January

Oct 7
Volkswagen plans to launch in January a recall of vehicles with software at the center of the emissions-rigging scandal and aims to fix them all by the end of next year, the company's new chief executive says.


Colorado Man Gets Probation in Fossil Importation Case

Oct 7
A federal judge on Tuesday sentenced a Colorado man to one year of probation for understating the value of unspecified fossils imported from China to the United States.


Mazda Miata Eschews Cute for Upscale Styling

By Ann M. Job | Oct 7
The two-seat Mazda MX-5 Miata isn't cute anymore. Instead, the best-selling roadster in the world is arriving in U.S. showrooms with a sleek, upscale look that many will compare to the BMW Z4.


JetBlue Plants Seed With Farm-to-Tray-Table Concept

By Scott Mayerowitz | Oct 7
JetBlue Airways is trying to bring a little bit of country to the city - opening its own "farm" at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport.


Express Scripts to Cover Pricey New Cholesterol Treatments

By Tom Murphy | Oct 7
The nation's biggest pharmacy benefits manager has decided to cover two new drugs that lower artery-clogging cholesterol but raise concern over prices that can top $14,000 a year.


FUZZ Returns This Friday Night

Oct 7
Summer may be just a memory by now but for a hot and steamy night out visit The Alley Bar this Friday night for FUZZ, hosted by DJ Brent Covington and DJ Taffy.