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Lorraine Rorke Bader arranges fresh flowers in a room at her home before an overnight guest arrives in San Francisco.

San Francisco Considers Ending Rental Ban

LEGAL | Wednesday Apr 16, 2014
Legislation set to be unveiled in San Francisco would make it legal for city residents to rent out their homes on sites such as Airbnb, but only if they have liability insurance and meet other requirements, a newspaper reported.

Bradford Wells, left, and Anthony John Makk are a binational couple and pose together at their home in San Francisco.

Ask A Lawyer: Immigration Issues

LEGAL | By EDGE | Apr 16
Questions answered for bi-national LGBT couples.

5 Things to Know about Tax Day

LEGAL | Apr 15
The deadline for filing taxes is midnight Tuesday. Here are five things to consider as the deadline nears.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner John Koskinen testifying on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Chances of Getting Audited by IRS Lowest in Years

LEGAL | By Stephen Ohlemacher | Apr 15
As millions of Americans race to meet today’s tax deadline, their chances of getting audited are lower than they have been in years. Budget cuts and new responsibilities are straining the Internal Revenue Service’s ability to police tax returns.

Understanding the Alternative Minimum Tax

LEGAL | Apr 14
Financial Advisor Ray Martin sits down with MoneyWatch’s Amey Stone to discuss the impetus for starting the Alternative Minimum Tax and the impact it’s having on the American taxpayer.

Miss the April 15 Deadline! No Problem for Most Taxpayers

LEGAL | By Stephen Ohlemacher | Apr 14
The calendar shows April 15, and you haven’t even started on your federal tax return? Chances are, you don’t need to fret. If you’re due a refund - and about three-fourths of filers get refunds - April 15 isn’t much of a deadline at all.

A United States Military Academy cadet checks computers at the Cyber Research Center at the United States Military Academy in West Point, N.Y.

Call of Cyber Duty :: Military Academies Take on NSA

LEGAL | By Michael Hill | Apr 11
A team of caffeine-fueled cadets is spending long days this week in a computer lab trying to fend off threats cooked up by experts at the National Security Agency.

California Bill That Would End Orca Shows Stalls

LEGAL | By Fenit Nirappil | Apr 9
A California bill that sought to end killer whale shows at SeaWorld in San Diego and phase out their captivity was put on hold Tuesday, dousing an escalating fight between animal activists and a major tourist attraction.

Elaine Huguenin

Religious Right Not Saying ’Cheese’ Over SCOTUS Decision to Deny NM Photographer’s Appeal

LEGAL | By EDGE | Apr 7
A religious right temper tantrum heard ’round the globe occurred Monday following the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court Monday to reject an appeal from a New Mexico photographer who refused to shoot a lesbian commitment ceremony in 2006.

Tax Proposal to Help Live Theater Brings Out Stars

LEGAL | By Mark Kennedy | Apr 7
Live commercial theater from Broadway to Los Angeles would get a huge financial boost under a change in the federal tax code that’s being championed by such actors as Neil Patrick Harris, Bryan Cranston and Tyne Daly.

Three dead minke whales lie on the deck of the Japanese whaling vessel Nisshin Maru as it travels through the Southern Ocean.

Will World Court Ruling End Japan’s Whaling?

LEGAL | By Mari Yamaguchi | Apr 2
Japan’s whaling in the Antarctic is at a crossroads after the International Court of Justice ordered the program stopped. The court concluded the supposed scientific research program is actually a guise for commercial whaling. This week’s ruling cannot be